26 Movie Night Ideas + Printable Custom Movie Tickets

26 Movie Night Ideas + Printable Custom Movie Tickets

Going to the movies is a great experience. You can completely immerse yourself in a film while munching on sweet and salty snacks. However, it can get expensive –– and given the pandemic –– may not be a viable option. Luckily it’s easy to stream your favorite movies, and even new movies, from home. By planning ahead and getting a little creative with your movie night ideas, you won’t have to sacrifice a bit of the experience.

Below, we offer a few ideas to inspire you to turn your home into a theater. We also offer specific tips and tricks for those looking to host a particular type of movie night:

Finally, when you’re ready to send out your movie night invites, we’ve got you covered. Use our customizable move ticket templates to create your own tickets.

Movie night ideas

Creating the ultimate movie night at home just takes a little prep work. Below we offer ideas for how you can host the perfect movie night from creating a theme to preparing some traditional movie snacks.

Choose your adventure

First things first, decide what kind of movie night you want to host and who you want to invite.

movie night ideas

1. Pick a movie

What will you be showing at your movie night? Depending on what set up or subscriptions you have, you can stream thousands of movies from romance to comedy using services such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Amazon Prime.

2. Consider a theme or suggest specific attire

A movie night is a great excuse to get dressed up. Just because you’re not going out, doesn’t mean you can’t get all dolled up or put together a fun costume! If you’re having a date night, consider suggesting that you and your date dress as if you were meeting out for a night on the town. Depending on what movie you choose, you can also suggest your guests dress for a certain theme.

Here are a few movie night theme ideas:

  • Decade theme (60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc.)
  • Superhero theme
  • Sports theme
  • Animal theme
  • Spooky/horror theme

3. Invite guests and send them tickets

If you plan ahead of time to attend an event, normally you would purchase a ticket to present upon arrival. To make your movie night that much more authentic, consider sending tickets to your guests and asking that they bring them to present the night of the show.

See our section “Design Custom Movie Tickets” to make your own custom movie tickets to send to your guests.

Set the scene

Now it’s time to create a home movie theater that will wow your guests. Consider lighting, seating and decor to make the night feel authentic.

4. Use string lights to create an aisle

Holiday lights aren’t just for holidays! Create an illuminated aisle that resembles an aisle in a theater with string lights.

5. Create comfortable seating

Make sure your guests stay comfy. Extra blankets and pillows are always a good idea, especially if you’ll be hosting an outdoor movie night where the temperature might drop.

6. Add themed decor

If you picked a theme, add decor that will bring it to life! You can also add movie posters to hang on the wall, put out a red carpet or even display a “Now Playing” sign.

Prepare a snack bar

Do you know why we eat popcorn at the movies? Before movies added sound in 1927, you needed to be highly educated with the ability to read in order to attend. Not until the experience became more accessible did theaters begin opening up to the idea of having food. Popcorn was the initial snack offered to theater goers as audiences during The Great Depression were looking for something cheap to purchase and vendors to yield a high profit margin.

movie night ideas

7. Make popcorn

Now that you know why popcorn is so intertwined with movie going, you likely recognize that serving popcorn at your movie night is a must! This classic movie snack will make your guests feel like they are truly at the movies.

8. Offer a few candies and refreshments

You can also create your very own concession stand by displaying a few different candy options as well as drinks, such as soda or lemonade.

Throw your movie night

It’s the evening of your movie night! Time to dress up, put the food out and prepare to welcome your guests to your curated movie night experience.

9. Collect tickets

To make the experience more fun, play ticket collector and ask your guests to present the tickets you sent them!

10. Build in an intermission

Give your guests some built in time to refill their drinks and snacks and use the bathroom without missing a minute of the movie.

Bonus movie night ideas

For more specific movie night ideas, such as for a date or family movie night, check out our additional tips below.

Date night movie ideas

A movie night at home is a pretty classic date night. Consider the tips below for how you can spice up your movie date night.

movie night ideas

11. Consider a romantic comedy

It’s hard to go wrong with a rom-com, and there are so many sensational romantic comedies to choose from. Here are a few ideas:

  • Forgetting Sarah Marshall
  • Hitch
  • The Princess Bride
  • 50 First Dates
  • How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

12. Set the mood

Creating a romantic evening at home is all about setting the mood. You can light candles for mood lighting and a relaxing scent. Play music before the movie starts, and if you really want to go all out, toss some rose petals on the floor and around the area you’ll be sitting.

13. Serve strawberries and champagne

In addition to popcorn, you can also go with some more traditionally romantic bites, such as strawberries and champagne. Pro tip: Also have chocolate!

14. Have a blanket to share

As the night goes on, the air may be cooling off, but that doesn’t mean your date night has to. Have a blanket that you and your date can share to ensure your date night only keeps heating up.

Movie night dinner ideas

If you’re looking to do more than snack and actually want to pair the movie with dinner, consider these movie night dinner ideas inspired by traditional movie theater eats. Plus, if you have a dietary restriction (e.g., vegan, gluten free), this could be an opportunity to make versions of these classic movie theater bites that you can enjoy!

15. Make chili dogs and fries

Grab a bun and a hot dog, and smother with chili. You can also top with onion and cheese. Serve with fries!

16. Assemble nachos

Yes, nachos can be dinner –– if you add enough toppings! Add some or all of these ingredients: meat, corn, black beans, onion, guac, salsa, cilantro, jalapeños and sour cream.

17. Build your own pizza

Pizza is always a good –– and easy –– option. Use a store-bought crust or make your own at home, add your favorite toppings and throw it in the oven.

18. Serve milkshakes

Have one or a few flavors of milkshakes ready to pour. Strawberry, chocolate and vanilla are all great options. If you also plan to serve candy at your movie night, you can top off any milkshake with your guests’ favorites.

Outdoor movie night ideas

If you have an outdoor space you can turn into a theater, this is a great movie night option. Outdoor movie nights can be fun for the family, friends or even a romantic evening.

movie night ideas

19. Use a projector

Using a projector is a great way to display your movie on a larger screen. However, projectors can be expensive. If you don’t already own one, you might consider renting. FunFlicks helps you find projector and screen rental locations near you.

20. Hang string lights

In addition to using them to create an illuminated aisle, you can also hang string lights to create an atmosphere. Depending on where you set up your screen, you can hang lights from your balcony, deck or nearby trees.

21. Use lawn chairs for seating

Provide lawn chairs that recline for your guests to watch the movie comfortably.

22. Don’t skimp on the blankets and pillows

This is particularly important if you don’t have enough lawn chairs for everyone! Put blankets and pillows on the ground for guests to sit on and use to keep warm.

Family movie night ideas

If you have young kids, they’ll like appreciate you going the whole nine yards to really recreate that movie night experience. Consider the tips below to help you create a night they will remember.

23. Set up a pillow fort

Build a pillow fort with the kids where they can watch the movie from. A pillow fort can add an extra layer of adventure to your family movie night.

24. Make it a “drive-in”

Turn cardboard boxes into mini cars! Fashion a steering wheel to the inside the box, draw headlights onto the front of the box and cut out windows on the sides! If you’re able to, showing your movie outdoors is a great way to really recreate the feel of a drive-in movie for the kids.

25. Put together individual snack trays

Use a caddy or small box to create a snack tray that the kids can fill up with their favorite snacks to carry over to where you will be showing the movie.

26. Pair with another activity

Keep the kids engaged by pairing with another activity such as a craft or game. For example, if you’re watching a movie about animals, provide some animal-themed coloring sheets.

Design custom movie tickets

It’s time to send your movie night invites! For added fun and authenticity, send your guests tickets to bring to your event. We created three fun templates for you to choose from.

movie tickets and popcorn

Fill out the form below to create your own personalized movie night ticket. Then choose one of the three themes and save your ticket! You can then print, email or text the ticket to your guest(s).

Choose a ticket theme

Instructions to Save:
Click your ticket to open in a new window. Then, right-click the image to save.

Lights, camera, action!

If you use your imagination and spend a little time planning, you can create the perfect movie night at home. An authentic movie night at home is an experience you and your guests will surely enjoy and remember.

For more movie night ideas check out the visual below.

how to create a movie night at home



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