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Store Brands Vs. Brand Names: Which Is Really Cheaper?

Store Brands Vs. Brand Names: Which Is Really Cheaper?

As you walk the aisles of a supermarket or drugstore, you’ll see a handful of different brands selling similar products. Whether you’re buying frozen vegetables, contact solution, or cleaning supplies, you’ll have the option to purchase your product from whichever brand you like best. Or maybe you’re looking to buy the least expensive option possible, in which case, you’ll want to consider the store brands versus brand names debate.

Savvy shoppers the world over have long insisted that buying store-brand goods instead of brand-name goods is an easy way to save money while charging next to nothing about your shopping list and habits. But which is actually cheaper? Read on to find out.

Are store-brand items always cheaper?

Common knowledge would suggest that the answer to this question is yes. Other investigations have shown that the answer is a bit more open-ended. Let’s say you’re choosing between a jar of peanut butter by your favorite name brand and a jar of store-brand peanut butter that you find less appealing. You might be considering spending the extra money for the brand-name peanut butter, but that might not be a concern – certain investigations have shown that the brand-name item can be cheaper.

That’s because supermarkets and drugstores sometimes run sales on name brands while they don’t do so on their own store-brand products. It’s also uncommon to see store-brand items in the coupon books that you might rifle through for deals at your local supermarkets. If you play your cards – or, more accurately, clip your coupons – right, it isn’t always true that store-brand is cheaper.

Why do brand-name items sometimes cost more?

In the event that brand-name items are more expensive, you might want to know why. Part of the higher price tag you sometimes see on brand-name items can be chalked up to the other expenses that the company incurs: the brand name itself, marketing, research and development, and more.

Store brand items, on the other hand, do not have the value of the brand name attached. This could be because the product itself is generic, or in the case of medication, the patent may be expired so any pharmaceutical company can manufacture it. Thus, the store can simply slap their logo and a stock photo onto the packaging without thinking too much about the effect on shoppers – and with that comes decreased manufacturing and Google Maps Marketing costs.

Are there quality differences between store-brand and brand-name?

If quality is crucial for your enjoyment, you might be wondering whether the lower price tag you often see on store-brand items indicates a lessening in quality. Research using blind taste tests has shown that store-name foods can taste just as good as brand-name foods. For non-food items such as soap and medicine, you can safely assume no difference in quality if the ingredients on the store-brand box exactly match the ingredients on the brand-name box.

What items should I always buy store-brand?

Despite research showing that the distinction between store-brand and brand-name is smaller than you might think, you might be safer buying certain items store-brand. Paper goods are perhaps the best example, and your life experience probably proves it – certainly, you’ve bought store-brand paper towels only to be disappointed by how much less absorbent they are than the name brands. Experts recommend sticking to name brands for electronics and baby care products too, as a similar decline in quality is often seen with these items too.

Do you buy a store-brand or brand-name, and why? Sound off in the comments!


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Rent These New River Oaks Apts


The inner loop area of Houston is becoming a Mecca for all types of residential construction.  The inner loop is the boundaries between several freeways including Interstates 10 and 45 and the 610 Loop itself. Some inner loop areas include River Oaks, Montrose, Upper Kirby, and West University. From Townhomes for rent in Lynn Haven to single-family homes to high-end apartment communities, you will surely be able to find the type of housing you need today.  And the increase in apartment construction is definitely competing with town-homes today as these luxury apartment communities boast features compared to custom homes.  Luxury inner loop apartment homes include resort-style pools with beach entry, fitness centers with the latest in equipment and technology including on-site personal trainers, and much more. Here is a brief list of some of the new and more popular apartments in the inner loop. The Belle Meade at River OaksFirst of all The Belle Meade only contains 119 total residences.  This is really an indication of privacy as many apartment communities will include near 300 units and more. So residents will most likely have the privacy and security they desire. Square footage will start over 1000 sq ft. for one-bedroom apartment homes. Although this is not quite the size of smaller single-family homes, it is larger than type “A” apartment communities which usually start in the 600 range. But it is actually what is inside these apartment homes that counts.  Amenities like soaring 12-foot ceilings, stained hardwood flooring, gourmet island-style kitchens with granite counters, stand-up showers, and large open expansive bathrooms. And community amenities include luxury’s like climate-controlled storage units, an executive business center with WIFI, secure gated access, a sparkling blue swimming pool, and more. But as with a premiere River Oaks location, be prepared to pay new construction rates. Gables Memorial HillsAlthough apartment rates at Gables Memorial Hills are less expensive than the Belle Meade, so are the square footage.  This Gables property sits on an entirely different location near Memorial Drive and Waugh. And although you won’t be sitting right near retail including fine dining and shops, you will be situated near parks including lush trees and nature. Expect much of the higher-end amenities like hardwood flooring, granite counters, luxurious kitchens, direct access parking garages, and more. In fact, all the new apartment communities will have similar amenities. It will come down to the location most likely for you and what kind of incentives the apartment community will offer you. These are only two of the newer inner loop apartment communities for rent.  Make sure you do a thorough search so you can get the best deal for yourself. Source: Free Articles from

Andrew R will help you secure awesome If you need help finding other he can help.

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Before and After: A Dreamy Fireplace Just in Time for the Holiday Season

Before and After: A Dreamy Fireplace Just in Time for the Holiday Season

It’s almost December, which means it’s get-comfy-in-front-of-the-fireplace season! And you know we love a good fireplace—they’re welcoming, cozy, and a natural focal point in any gathering space.

April McCook wanted the fireplace in her apartment in Everett WA to be extra inviting, but instead, its gray stacked stones mostly just looked dark, drab, and outdated. The fireplace also didn’t have much in the way of height or dimension, which made it hard to maximize those sought-after hygge vibes.

So April and her family did what all project-loving homeowners do: They tore the whole thing out and started from scratch. Her husband and son demo’d the old stone fireplace in a few hours, and then April designed a new one to replace it, with to-the-ceiling woodwork and a more prominent hearth.

The family hired a carpenter to handle both the woodwork and installation. “It took one week to build, and then they came and installed it in about an hour,” says April. “Shocking right?” They also hired painters to spray the new focal point a crisp, inviting white.

The whole process took about two weeks and $1,800, and just that one change in the room made a world of difference for the rest of the space.

“I love that it made the space bigger, more welcoming, and made for a better use of the space as far as seating and decor goes,” says April. “I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out.”

Holiday-ready fireplace? We’d say that’s a yes.

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What Is Meant By A Rent To Own And Would It Be A Great Choice For Me And My Kin?

Rent to own is where
you lease a house, but you as well be in command of the property by having the
strategy to actually buy it at a later time in the course of your lease period.
The property owner is not going to sell the house available for sale,
considering the fact that he/she is legally bound by the settlement to sell the
home to you at a pre-determined rate which you agree on before you decide to
move in. There are basically two parts to the contract:

The first is a regular
a lease that spells out the regular monthly rent, as well as other standard leases

The second part is a
Real Estate Option. It is actually a one-way arrangement that binds the Vendor to sell to you at an agreed selling price. The Owner will have to sell if you wish to procure (during the option period), however, you don’t need to purchase if you don’t intend to. That is the reason why it is a one-way settlement.

settles the property taxes as well as insurance during the period of the Rent
To Own?

The homeowner is mainly responsible for responsibly paying the tax and home insurance. You are actually accountable for paying the monthly rent (that remains the same way for three years) and utilities until you finally actually carried out the acquisition.

are renting presently, just how is that different?

This is a strategy to help you get going towards BUYING your own house. A part of your rent payment will go straight into the purchase of the house you are in. Rather than trashing your hard-earned money away each month on rent and getting nothing at all to show for it towards the end of the year, with rent-to-own, every month a
significant part of your month to month payments (typically 20%) is attributed toward the acquisition of the house.

credit standing is not very good, will you still support me?

Sure enough, in a lot of cases most rents to own companies are able to assist. Should you qualify for a
basic rental agreement, then it’s most probably you can be prompted to start your own rent to own arrangement given you have a minimal upfront payment. The nominal down payment is normally between 2-3% of the purchase price of the house but yet may differ from company to company.

I will be able to have my legal representative take a look at the documents?

Yes, it’s a smart idea to have legitimate representation yet somehow, if you prefer not to, that’s okay also. You are definitely encouraged to seek advice from a reputable licensed authorized representative despite that it does not have any legislation which makes this necessary.

Does the total procedure operate the same as a typical sale?

Absolutely no, the procedure works significantly faster as compared to the regular bank process.
Consensus can normally be given and conveyed within a couple of days. From that point, everything that is necessary is for you to pay the deposit sign the arrangement and move in — it’s as easy as that!

I will be able to refurbish my property?

Most of the time Yes. So
long as the owner is consulted before you start any significant improvements
and the effort is executed by a professional tradesperson. Besides, numerous
Rent to Own businesses do not have any trouble with it as you are enhancing the
worth of your property which is advantageous for you in terms of refinancing.

So that you can acquire
your very own home, most of the time you have to meet the following three

1. Decent Earnings

2. Less Than Perfect
Credit Score

3. 5% Down-payment

If perhaps you’re losing
out on one of the three above as well as you’re sick and tired of giving your
hard-earned cash awayBusiness Management Articles, Rent to Own could very well
be a very good option for yourself along with your family.

Beaverton apartments

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Looking For Apartments For Rent Boston Should Be Considered

The city of Boston is renowned for its beautiful surroundings and both modern and classic buildings. People who are looking to live in this area will find that they have a choice that cannot be found in many other cities due to the fact that a lot of the older buildings are still standing today. There are also a lot of new developments and projects going on all the time. Here are some apartments for rent Boston area choices.

Boston has a wide diversity of cultures and influences throughout its city and this can be seen in its variety of properties. Moving into the central city area there is a range of contemporary high-rise luxury apartments for rent. These are greatly suited to individuals who live a fast-paced life and are looking to stay close to the city center so they are not too far from the nightlife and their place of work. Apartments for Rent Boston nightlife and activities. The nightlife consists of many diverse restaurants ranging from cultures all over the world. There are also a lot of activities to do like going to the cinema and of course seeing some of the many large sports teams that have a home in this city. Anyone who is looking some game time action
will be able to support their local team by visiting the Boston Celtics
arenaScience ArticlesArticle Search, the TD Garden. Here you will be able to see an NBA championship team playing on a regular basis. If basketball is not your cup of tea then there are the New England Patriots who are an extremely good NFL team and the Boston Red Sox if you are into baseball. For those who want to live in a more classic style home, there are a lot of brownstone Panama city homes for rent that are still the main type of property in the Back Bay area. Most of these homes have now been converted into apartments and you’ll be able to find yourself a very nice living quarters in a friendly neighborhood. The prices in Boston can range from $500 going all the way up to $5000 per month. It depends on the type of room that you are looking for and obviously the area that it in. On average a contemporary studio apartment can be found for around $700-$800 per month. This is an extremely good rate for the area considering all of the local amenities that are to hand. Boston is currently undergoing a lot of regeneration in many areas and the Italian community has definitely seen a large change in the suburbs where they live. This is attracting a lot more people to the area and is stimulating the property market around. Before one does decide to make a move to look for apartments for rent Boston is definitely an exciting place and should be considered but one should do their research first. Visiting the areas that you would like to live in is important before you put down a deposit.

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The Ideal Credit Score You Should Have In Your 30s

The Ideal Credit Score You Should Have In Your 30s

Building credit poses the ultimate Catch-22: You need credit to get credit. So, much of your 20s is spent proving you’re credit-worthy, slowly increasing the limit on your credit cards or, if you went to college, making consistent, on-time payments toward your student loans.

Meanwhile, acts of financial responsibility, like paying your rent on time each and every month, doesn’t usually get automatically reported to the credit bureaus, so you’re not likely building your score that way.

Really, there’s no uniform answer. A 30-year-old in the suburbs, for instance, may have had multiple car loans and an Everett Apartments helping her build credit over the past decade while you may live in a big city, where it would be impractical to have a car, and housing prices are outrageous and the only thing being reported to the credit bureaus is a credit card or two.

But, if we’re talking in terms of averages, the average credit score for those who are in the 30 to 39 age bracket is 673, according to a report from Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. This is considered a “good” score. It’s slightly higher than 662, which is the average for those in their 20s, but lower than 684, which is the average score of people in their 40s. Those in the 60 and up cohort have the highest average scores of 749.

Credit scores tend to go up with age. That’s because two major factors affecting your credit take time: A history of on-time payments makes up 35 percent of your score and length of credit history makes up another 15 percent, according to FICO, a popular credit scoring model. Think of it as giving your credit score time to simmer.

Focusing on credit score ranges as opposed to reaching a set number is also an important approach to your credit, says Rod Griffin, Experian’s Director of Consumer Education and Awareness.

FICO states their scores uses the following ranges: 300–579 poor; 580-669 fair; 670-739 good; 740-799 very good; and 800-850 exceptional.

“Generally, your ability to access the best rates and terms will depend which score band you fall within, not what your actual score is,” Griffin says.

So, someone with an exceptional 740 credit score will still get the same rates as someone with a perfect 850 score.

If you’re looking to increase your score and move into the next score range, here are some expert-approved tips:

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On the route of monuments from your Valencia apartments for rent

When making arrangements for your Valencia apartments for rent, why not start your journey of discovery at the beginning in Xativa, the capital of commerce of La Costera? This fortified village has a castle set on the town’s highest point protected by a Roman and Iberian fortress that has become one over the centuries. This now protected precinct contains thirty towers with four fortified doors.

With this all around you, take a walk through the market where the San Pedro and Moncada streets cross. At this point, you can almost feel the grandeur of the court life that must have taken place here those centuries ago. The townhouses from that period still have their aristocratic shields on the entrance that is further enhanced by the Gothic fountains in this little village. As you roam around the castle hill take note of the town hall and church that are constructed in part with inscribed Roman masonry along with a number of Houses for Rent in Ocean Springs from the Moorish era. Among the many churches and convents in the collegiate church, once a cathedral from 1414 only to be rebuilt in a Renaissance style a century later.

The next region on our itinerary is Albaida, the white city. This area with contrasting landscape due to its location between the Grossa and Creu Mountains to the north and the Mariola and Benicadell Mountains in the south forms the Albaida valley with the Clariano and Albaida Rivers running through it. Also located here besides the village of Albaida are the Ontinyent, Bocairent and Lolleria villages making up the community of the Albaida Valley.

Be sure to bring your swimming suit with you from your Valencia apartments for rent on this sojourn to Bocairent as the access road is the beginning of the Clariano River. On a hot summer day there is nothing better than a swim in the cool spring water. The area surrounding the river with its natural landscape is known as Pou Clar which is where the walls have been excavated for a cave dating back to prehistoric times. This is apropos for your entrance into the village of Bocairent with some parts carved from rock. In addition to this, there are two rivers that emanate from this area creating ravines and cliffs surrounding the city. This medieval city is a must-visit on this journey of discovery.

From your holiday lodgings, you have started on your journey of discovery covering the realm of monuments. While you are out in the countryside you will enjoy a taste of nature. This is a good time to explore the possibilities of cycling, canoeing, rappelling, horseback ridingBusiness Management Articles, rock climbing and paragliding on offer in this rural setting.

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Five Ways to Save on Your Winter Heating Bill

Five Ways to Save on Your Winter Heating Bill

When it’s cold out, few things compare to the rush of warmth that passes through you as you step into your apartment from the outside world. Keeping your apartments in Duluth temperature bearable tends to get a bit pricey, but if you cherish warmth, you’re likely OK with your winter utility costs going up just a bit. And if you follow these five ways to save on your winter heating bill, your costs might not go up all that much.

1. Lower your thermostat

Definitions of room temperature range from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep your thermostat at the low end of this range to minimize your heat bill while maintaining a comfortable temperature. For additional heating bill savings, lower your heat to a number between 55 and 60 degrees at night – your body doesn’t need as warm of temperatures for sleep, and you’ll spend significantly less money heating your apartment to this lower temperature. For the ultimate control over how warm your apartment is and when, consider shifting to a smart home thermostat.

2. Use ceiling fans, but do so carefully

When you think of ceiling fans, you likely think of another way to stay cool during the most oppressive summer days. During the hot months, fans that spin counter-clockwise push cool air down toward you, and in the winter, you can set them to do the opposite. Fans that spin clockwise push warm air down and bring cool air upward, providing an inexpensive boost to your heating system, which won’t have to work as hard to keep your apartment warm.

3. Get some sun

No, stepping outside in the dead of winter won’t make you or your apartment warmer, but knowing how to use the sun’s natural light and warmth to heat your apartment can make a difference. Windows that face south or west receive sunlight at the warmest times of day, and as this sunlight passes through these windows into your apartment, your home will feel warmer. Just make sure to shut your curtains or blinds at night to help prevent the nighttime cold from seeping in.

4. Cover leaks

Just because your window looks fully sealed doesn’t mean that it is. Even the thinnest of gaps between the top of your window and its frame can slowly let cold air creep into your apartment. You might not feel the impacts of these gaps unless you stand or sit directly next to them, but a drafty window or an ill-sealed door frame can easily lower your apartment’s temperature. For a quick home solution, use plastic film or tape to cover any gaps.

5. Layer up properly

If you’re committed to keeping your thermostat low but still feel a bit cold, you might be tempted to throw on sweatpants and a sweater. This is a good start, but it’s all for nothing if you think that being home means you should be barefoot. When your feet are cold, there’s no hope for your body to stay warm, so make sure to wear socks around your apartment even if you’d rather let your feet fly free. Even curling up under a thick blanket only goes so far without socks.

How do you save money on your winter heating bills? Share your tips in the comments!


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Can Your Landlord Legally Control Your Heat?

Can Your Landlord Legally Control Your Heat?

As a renter, you may have compromised some of your Bala Cynwyd apartments “wants,” like a pool and clubhouse, for the more basic apartment “needs” like proximity to work, two bedrooms or affordability.

While some sacrifices can reasonably be made when choosing an apartment, basic needs like fair treatment, a secure door, leak-free roof and access to heating and hot water should be non-negotiable. Whether you live in an apartment, flat or duplex, you want your space to have livable conditions and feel like home. And you also want to have a reasonable amount of control to make that happen.

So, you may be wondering if your landlord can control the utilities, such as your heat. While it may seem like a no-brainer, the answer is complicated and depends on where you live. Let’s take a look at the rules and regulations for landlords and tenant rights when it comes to things like heat and hot water in apartments in Bala Cynwyd buildings.

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What is my landlord required to provide?

Property owners are held accountable for the implied warranty of habitability. Simply put, this means that landlords are required to provide safe and livable conditions for their tenants, and renters have the right to a livable property.

While requirements can vary by city and state, landlords are generally responsible for:

  • Maintaining the structure of the building’s interior and exterior
  • Keeping hallways, stairways and common areas clean and well-maintained
  • Operating plumbing, sewage and ventilation
  • Checking for environmental hazards
  • Exterminating rodents and insects
  • Supplying cold and hot water in appropriate quantities and at reasonable times
  • Providing heat in appropriate quantities and during reasonable times

The “landlord must provide heat and hot water to tenants,” said Samuel Evan Goldberg of Goldberg & Lindenberg. “The hot water must be a minimum of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Landlords are required to provide heat during the months of October 31 through May 31. If the outside temperature is 55 degrees or below between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM it must be at least 68 degrees in the apartment building and between 10:00 PM. and 6 AM the inside temperature must be 62 degrees,” Goldberg explained.

Can my landlord control the heat?


So, under the implied warranty of habitability, landlords must provide access to heat. However, they can control it and they aren’t obligated to pay for it. Now that we’ve covered what landlords are required to provide, let’s discuss if they can control the heat.

David Resischer, Real Estate Attorney & CEO of said, “Some multiple dwelling units only have a single thermostat and state laws typically do not restrict the ability of a landlord to control the heat in any of the tenant units. However, most state laws do require a landlord to provide and also to maintain heat at a designated temperature, typically at least 68 degrees Fahrenheit.”

What are the laws?

There are regulations and laws in place nation-wide to protect both landlords and tenants. But, since climate and temperature changes so drastically from one region to another, laws can vary by city and state. For instance, landlords are required to provide heat, but they’re not required to provide air conditioning in all states.

Arizona laws require landlords to provide, “reasonable heat and reasonable air-conditioning or cooling where such units are installed and offered, when required by seasonal weather conditions.” Because Arizona can reach dangerous temperatures in the summer, landlords are required to provide access to AC for tenant’s safety.

While that may be true in Arizona, it’s not the case in New York. Scott Stevensen, a New York City renter said, “Because there is no AC in some buildings, the tenant is left to buy an AC unit that fits in the old window frames where one lifts the window frame up and down — not sideways. The whole cost of electricity is almost always borne the tenant.”

To see what laws your state has in place, check out your state’s laws and regulations to see what landlords can and cannot do.

What to do if the landlord doesn’t follow through?

So, what happens if your landlord fails to provide heat, or controls it in such a way that isn’t livable? You have a few options:

  • Schedule a meeting with the landlord and try to discuss the problem in person
  • Write a formal complaint, make a copy and give it to your landlord to read
  • Contact your local code enforcement officer

“If the landlord fails to provide heat or hot water, the tenant should call 311 and schedule an inspection date for an HPD inspector to inspect,” Goldberg said. “Once HPD issues a heat and hot water violation, which would be considered a C violation, it must be repaired immediately. Any other C violations, the Landlord has 24 hours to make the repair. If the landlord still fails to bring back the heat and hot water, the tenant should bring an HPD proceeding in housing court. The proceeding is predicated upon the HPD violation report and the judge will tell the landlord to repair the defective conditions in the tenant’s apartment. If the landlord fails to make the repairs, the judge could order civil penalties and in some cases, even hold the landlord in contempt of court.”

Know your rights

Ideally, you’ll have great landlords who meet your basic needs (and more). While that’s the dream, it doesn’t always happen that way. So, it’s smart to know your rights and fully understand your lease as a renter and know what you’re entitled to.

At a minimum, renters should have a clean, safe, well-maintained apartment that meets their basic human needs.

The information contained in this article is for educational purposes only and does not, and is not intended to, constitute legal or financial advice. Readers are encouraged to seek professional financial or legal advice as they may deem it necessary.




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Ways to make your space feel bigger when you meditate

Ways to make your space feel bigger when you meditate

Ways to make your space feel bigger when you meditate

In a world that moves at a breakneck pace, finding time to slow down and quiet your mind is difficult—and it’s also essential. Many people turn to meditation to help. The practice guides the mind to a calmer place using breathing techniques, mantras, and imagery. It can be as simple as breathing deeply and repeating a phrase or as complicated as traveling to a different plane tucked away in the recesses of your imagination. Either way, you need a quiet, calm space to do it in order to really reap the benefits of meditation. Here’s how to make your Mauldin apartments feel bigger when you meditate.

  1. Oust any clutter.
    One of the most obvious ways to make your space feel larger is to rid it of any stuff that’s non-essential. Purging extra clutter is a good habit to get into, whether you meditate or not. Donate any knick-knacks, furnishings, and decor that you don’t really need in order to open up some space for your meditative practice. This will make it even easier to get into the zen zone.
  2. Welcome natural light.
    When sunshine comes streaming into your home, it makes your world a bit brighter and bigger. Harness the power of natural light and pick a corner for meditation with ample windows. The sunny rays, and the view visible through the windows, will make your meditation nook feel instantly more spacious.
  3. Enlist neutral hues.
    While dark colors tend to make a room feel smaller, light and neutral tones do just the opposite. Whites, creams, and shades of beige create the illusion of extra space. So when you pick furnishings for your meditation area (or for any room in your home, really), opt for these lighter colors instead of dark, bold hues. If you already have darker furniture in the area where you intend to meditate, there’s no need for a full makeover. Just add some lighter elements, like a whitewashed throw blanket or set of pillows.
  4. Just add mirrors.
    Mirrors instantly add square footage to your home, almost in the same way that a window does. The reflection seemingly doubles the size of any space. Affix a mirror to your wall or find a small stand-alone mirror that you can incorporate into your meditation nook.
  5. Strategically place your pillow.
    One essential that every meditation space must have is a cushy pillow for you to perch on. Pick your pillow and then arrange it strategically to make your space feel larger. Instead of pushing it up against the wall, pull it out at least six inches. This is an old trick for arranging furniture. When you let your furnishings float, the room feels bigger. When they connect with the wall, that seems to suck up space—or, at least, make a room look smaller. You can use this tip with any piece of furniture or decor in your meditation area.

How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger: 25 Tips That Work [StyleCaster]

5 Steps to Creating the Perfect Home Meditation Space [Yoga Journal]

10 Sneaky Ways to Make a Small Space Look Bigger [The Nest]

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